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September 2023

Is Your Dog Being Bullied in The Dog Park?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG BULLIEDIt’s always great to take your dog to a dog park where he could interact with other dogs but as with all of us, dogs gets bullied too. You should not tolerate another dog harassing your dog.  If you suspect that he is being bullied, observe how he behaves in the dog park.  One way you could tell if your dog is being bullied is if he is surrounded by other dogs.  Do other dogs jump at him, growl at him or gang up on him for no reason?  Some more signs to look for:


  1. Your dog is always happy around you, other people and other dogs but scared around some dogs at the park.
  2. He is repeatedly mounted.
  3. Is he being attacked or pushed around or pinned to the ground by other dogs?
  4. Is he always harassed by the same dogs at the park?
  5. Has he been bitten or hurt?

Don’t tolerate this acts. Get to the root of the problem. As with humans, these acts can be both physically and mentally harmful. If necessary take him to another park.

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