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Some Cat Toys Can Be Dangerous

Saturday, June 14, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT TOYSIf you’re like me, you love your cat and are always looking to keep her occupied with new toys.  Keeping your cat occupied is important to her health. She’ll get more exercise which will keep her trim and fit.  Plenty of toys to occupy her time will help prevent bad behavior such as clawing on the furniture.  Certain toys could be harmful to your cat. Avoid string, rubber bands, thread, needles and twine.  These things are not safe. If any of these things get lodged in her intestines, surgery may be the only thing that will save her.  Items like buttons, small pieces of plastic, aluminum foil are also dangerous because they can get stuck in your cats intestines and cause blockages or preforation. Bottle or bottle caps that previously contained cleaners are toxic. Do not let your cat play with them.  Cats enjoys stuffed mice, balls fishing poles and other stuffed items. These are safe and encourage your cat to play. One last piece of advice, do not use your hand as a toy. Your cat will get in the habit of scratching and biting it.  This will cause aggessive behavior which you don’t want especially if you are having guests over. Cat toys are available everywhere. Choose the right ones. Your cat will love you for it.


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