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April 2024

Animal Abuse Has to Stop

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

SAD KITTENI just read another upsetting article in today’s Bergen Record.  There was a petition that was signed by 7,000 people urging the Paterson Police Department to do an investigation on a group of  children who attacked a neighborhood cat with bricks. The cat eventually died from his injuries. A rescue group took the cat and cared for him but he died a week later. Stories like this break my heart. There really needs to be strict laws against attacking poor, innocent animals.  We live in a very violent society and it seems that the judicial system simply does not work in this country. People literally get away with murder. I urge you to please report any animal abuse and neglect that you notice to the authorities. If you don’t get any satisfaction from them keep taking it a step further until you do!  Stop the violence!

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