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The Loving Bulldog

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

FRENCH BULL DOGBulldogs are great companions. Remember that bulldogs and heat don’t mix well. Make sure that he is kept in a cool environment indoors. Make sure he has his dog toys, pet carrier, crate and all of the other essentials. The AKC registers over 140 dog breeds every year and the bulldog is in the top 40 every year!  When buying water bowls for your bulldog, invest in heavy duty stainless steel bowls. They will reduce the rash and redness on your bulldogs face  from the bowls. They can be cleaned easily and are much better than plastic. Bulldogs get along great with children and other pets as  a general rule. They love a nice, soft couch, lots of attention, especially getting their bellies rubbed. They have a great disposition, and will give you and your family lots and lots of love. Bulldogs, unlike other breeds have no cosmetic surgery done such as tail docking and ear cropping. You should always consider getting a microchip implanted when he is young. It is completely painless and will contain all of the pertinent information to track your dog in the event that he gets lost. On a final note, one requirement of the bulldog is that you give them lots of love and attention. They will surely repay you many times over!   Remember, your pets count!




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