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Is your cat suffering in silence? Listless? not eating? not playing with her cat toys?

Sunday, November 29, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-and-vetStatistics show that dog owners are more likely to bring their pets to the vet for regular visits than cat owners. Cats are usually only brought to the vet when they are sick or even worse, beyond treatment! Why is this? Do cat owners love their pets less than dog owners? I don’t think so. Cats really hate going to the vet, the ride in the car, the sounds of dogs barking and strange people handling them can really stress them out. So we tend to bring them in only when they are sick. This should not be so. Cats, like dogs should visit the vet for regular check ups as well as be up to date on their vaccinations. Lots of veterinary offices now offer quiet “feline only” seating areas. Today’s veterinary hospital personnel are very attuned to the needs of our furry feline friends and they know how to  handle them with a gentle touch and soothing demeanor. So don’t wait until you cat is listless, not eating or not playing with her cat toys to take her to the vet. Make that appointment for a checkup today. That reminds me, my two are way overdue as well so I have to make that appointment right away!

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