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Do Cats and Rabbits Get Along?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT AND RABBITMy two cats do not get along as most of you know by now. Molly is the older and more dominant cat and Millie is meek and mild. Molly antagonizes poor Millie all the time. You might think that two cats should always get along but unfortunately, this is not always  the case. I once had a rabbit named Max. She was a small dwarf breed. Molly was actually afraid of this little rabbit who would hop around after her. The funny thing is that they really got along with each other. Every day, I would take Max out of her (Max is short for Maxine) cage and let her run around in her pen which I set up in the middle of the living room. One day, while I was out on the terrace, Molly came over to the door and started meowing and meowing. She seemed a little nervous so I went to take a look. There was little Max, out of her pen hopping all over the house. Molly came to tell me that Max got out of her pen. Pets are truly amazing. Max ruled the roost but Molly did like her. I wish this was the case with Millie, my younger cat. It would make life a lot easier!

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