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March 2024

A Rough, Unfair Week and a Very Comforting Cat

Friday, March 28, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy


She helped me make it through this horrid week at work!!!

She helped me make it through this horrid week at work!!!

This has been one of the worst weeks that I’ve had in a long time. “Stress” was the name of the game! There was a major debacle with the training that I was supposed to take at the school that I work at. I tried to speak with the State of New Jersey to straighten out this issue but  didn’t get anywhere.   I  had to  rush to teach a class that  consisted of extremely active second graders and when I got to the door, who was there to greet me? My Administrator who was there to do my first unannounced evaluation. It was the kiss of death!!  So how did it go, you may ask? It was like a catastrophic category 5 hurricane!  Because of the training debacle, I didn’t have time to review my lesson (by the way, I didn’t cause the training mess.) which was a math lesson where the children had to use rulers to measure objects. Second graders with rulers!!!! Really??? Yes “really.” The lesson couldn’t have gone worse! The most disturbing thing is that my evaluator stood two feet from me with a computer taking notes the whole time. She didn’t intervene to try to help keep this sinking ship afloat but rather tortured me and stayed typing away through the entire landfall of this hurricane  !   It’s really sad that teachers have to fear these God forsaken unannounced evaluations. What about trying to build people up rather than tear them down?  This is what the education system has become.  The stress was so great that my blood pressure jumped extremely high. I’ve decided to resign from teaching at the end of this school year. Funny, I’ve only been a teacher for 2 and a half months! What a long, fruitful career!

During this week, my cat Molly has been especially concerned. Cats do sense when something is not right with their owners. Throughout this whole time, Molly has been sitting next to me and following me all over the house. She sits on my bed and just stares like she’s making sure that I’m still breathing.  Cats can be very misunderstood,  their affection may not be as obvious as a dogs but it is definitely there. I’m glad that Molly was there for me this week. Every day, I look forward to coming home and sitting on the couch with her snuggled next to me. Cats can help lower blood pressure and can calm you down. I know, she really helped me through this really tough time. Kudos to my cat Molly!!

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