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December 2022

The Most Heroic Dog in History

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy
Chips, the greatest dog hero!

Chips, the greatest dog hero!

Many dogs can be called “war dogs” but only one has a Disney movie that chronicles his adventures and heroic measures. Chips is that great dog! During World War II, this Shepherd mix was donated to the war effort.  He was soon on the front lines acting like a tank guard dog in Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. One time, he dragged phone cable across a battlefield so that his platoon could call for backup.  Chips is most noted for one event that happened on a  beach in Sicily. Chips and his handler came under fire from a hidden pillbox. Chips jumped away from  his handler and right into the enemy location. The enemy solders came out seconds later with Chips behind them and surrendered.

Like that wasn’t enough, later that night he alerted his squad to some approaching Italians, who were promptly captured.  Chips received a purple heart and a silver star for his heroic actions but unfortunately these were stripped away because dogs were re-classified in the military as “equipment,” making him the last canine that was officially decorated! Chips was a lot more than a “piece of equipment.” he was a lifeline and a hero!

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