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Guidelines for Dog Crates

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

Crate Training Puppy. Sheltie sleeping on fluffy and warm bed. Winter Concept

You’ve just adopted a new puppy and the first thing that you want to purchase is a dog crate.Make sure that you choose a crate size that will be large enough to accommodate him as an adult. He should be able to stand, lie down or sit in any position that he chooses. You may want to consider purchasing a crate that is sectioned off to allow for growth. Consider the kind of wire used. Make sure that your puppies paws do not fit through the wire. A crate made of plastic is easier to clean than a wire crate.

It is much safer to keep your dog in his crate while your are traveling. Remember his dog crate is his castle! Never use the crate for punishment or your dog will always associate his crate with something bad. Always keep the crate visable and let him go in it everyday. Always remove his collar before putting him in his crate. Finally give him a bowl of water, some of his favorite toys and don’t forget the dog crate pad. Now you’re all set to enjoy your new puppy!

Remember, pets are family!

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