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The Proper Way To Remove a Tick From Your Pet

Thursday, March 9, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

Female hand cleaning ear of dog from earwax with cotton swab., Closeup of human hands remove dog adult tick from the ears dog., Dog health care concept.

Usually, pet owners who find a tick on their pet try to remove it very quickly. Removing the tick too quickly can hurt the pet and even it’s owner.

  • Be prepared to keep the tick. If your pets gets ill shortly afterward, it can provide some valuable information for your veterinarian. Put the tick in a screw top jar containing some rubbing alcohol.
  • Protect yourself. Ticks, even after they’ve bitten your pet can carry infectious agents that can enter your bloodstream through your ears, eyes or breaks in your skin. When removing a tick make sure that you wear rubber or latex gloves.
  • Your pet may try to squirm his way away while you’re removing the tip. Get someone else to hold the pet down if necessary.
  • Treat the area with rubbing alcohol after the tick is removed. Examine the area after the tick is removed to make sure that you removed all of it.

Remember, pets are family!

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