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How to Care for Long Haired Cats Shedding

Friday, January 13, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

cat long hairDo you have a long haired cat? It does seem as if long haired cats shed more than cats that have short hair but that’s because their hair is so long that it seems like there’s more of it. It may seem like you’re always vacuuming up hair and are constantly cleaning out the cat bed. Exotic cats that have long hair require continual brushing and grooming. This not only helps with cat allergies by reducing the dander but it can also help reduce cat hairballs. There is one solution to this problem. You can get your cat groomed and have his hair cut short like you would a dog. This won’t prevent cat allergies because allergies originate from cat dander not cat hair. Dander will still be an issue but you may be able to reduce the amount time you spend vacuuming up your cats hair. There are many groomers that will make your cat look really “cool.” Check them out!

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