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The Best Ways to Exercise and Older Dog

Wednesday, January 4, 2023
posted by Jim Murphy

OLDER DOG EXERCISINGExercise is still very important for an older dog. It keeps his joint limber and his heart and lungs healthy. You must consider the physical condition of your dog. If you see signs that he is tiring out, reduce the duration and intensity until you feel that he is comfortable. A healthier dog can start with two exercise sessions a day. You can take him for a 10 minute walk, a short game of fetch or an easy swim. Just make sure that the exercise is not too strenuous.

When you exercise your dog outdoors, pick areas with soft grass or dirt. Exercising your pet on hard or slippery surfaces can damage his footpads or lead to falls. For a healthy dog a moderate walk of 20 minutes twice per day is sufficient.  Check with your veterinarian. He will give you a basic exercise routine. Once you’ve worked up to the fitness level that your vet recommended, check your dogs activity level.  Is he able to move freely and with ease?  How much energy does he have? This is will indicate whether you are exercising him too much.

Remember, pets are family!

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