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Cats Love their Snacks

Friday, November 25, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

My cat Millie looks forward to her snacks every evening. Giving snacks add some variety to your cat’s diet but they should not be substituted for regular cat food. Some snacks don’t contain the nutrients that are necessary in your cat’s diet. Here’s my recommendation on giving snacks. Make sure that your cat is eating his regular food during the day. I give my cat 1/2 can of wet food and a handful of dry cat food every morning. Since cats are “nibblers,” I leave her food out all day. About 5:00pm every evening, I give her a wet food snack and later a few dry snacks.Millie is spoiled and goes by her snack bowl several times each night. I do get up and satisfy her request by giving her a few more. Personally, I don’t recommend this. Give your cat snack once per day. Make sure that you don’t give them too many snacks as I sometimes do. .  A few snack pieces are a fine each evening. Don’t worry if you forget, your cat will remind you that it’s snack time!

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