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How Your Dog Sees You

Sunday, November 13, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Most dogs have a total vision field of 250 degrees. Humans have about 120 degrees of binocular vision, but human eyes are set directly on the front of the face , a dogs eyes are set more to the side. A human’s total visual field is only 190 degrees, giving dogs the advantage of 60 degrees more peripheral vision. Some dogs have eyes that are deep set such as the Chow Chow. As a result, their peripheral vision is reduced. This should be kept in mind when approaching these breeds from the rear.

Dogs were once thought to be color blind but scientists now agree that they have enough color preceptor cones in their eyes that they can see certain colors.

Dogs have binocular vision. Binocular vision is the area within a dog’s total vision field that overlaps, providing it with the depth of perception needed to pursue prey.The exact degree of binocular vision is different among dogs. It all depends on the shape of the dogs head and the placement of the eyes.

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