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Some Differences Between Dog and Cat Lovers

Friday, October 7, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

catdogSome people prefer dogs over cats and vice versa. There are lots of people who prefer both. According to some new research from a University of Texas at Austin psychologist, there is really a difference between cat people and dog people. Now don’t take offense to any of this as it’s only a study. According to this research study, people who define themselves as “dog” people are more extraverted, more agreeable, and more conscientious as those defined as “cat” people. Fans of our feline friends are more neurotic but also more open than dog lovers .So whether you shop for dog leashes and fancy dog clothes and dog collars or cat carriers the findings below will help clarify this matter.

The findings:

Forty Six percent of the respondents defined themselves as “dog” people, while twelve percent said that they were “cat” people. Almost 28% said that they were both and 15% said that they were neither.
Dog people were generally about 15 percent more extraverted, 13 percent more agreeable and 11 percent more conscientious than cat people.
Cat people were generally about 12 percent more neurotic and 11 percent more open than dog people.
The person who conducted this survey is a professor in the psychology department and is a leading authority on human personality. He recently made international headlines with his findings that people’s Facebook pages reveal their true personalities not their idealized personalities.

So don’t worry, I would like to see the characteristics of those who were classified as neither cat or dog lovers. I think we may see some interesting facts in this category!

Keep spending your money on dog clothes, cat toys, and pet accessories, we have some great qualities!

I guess I would be classified as both and he’s right, I’m a bit neurotic!
Remember Pets are Family!

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