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Training Your Puppy with a Clicker

Thursday, April 7, 2022
posted by Jim Murphy

Clicker training is a very effective way to train your puppy. Here’s how it works. It allows your pup to remember doing something right rather than doing something wrong.  Mark that behavior with a click and treat so he associates the sound with doing something right. The clicker simply signals to your pup that he did something right. Then give him verbal praise.

Here’s how to explain the click to your puppy.

  1. Fill a shallow dish with treats.
  2. Get comfortable on the floor with the dish within reach but so the pup can’t access it. Get a treat ready in one hand with the clicker in the other.
  3. Click the clicker when your pups ears twitch or he gets curious and comes to investigate. Immediately give him a treat.
  4. Keep repeating this sequence over and over and always click before giving him the treat.
  5. Very quickly, your pup will look at the treat in your hand as soon as he hears the click.

Once your puppy figures out what the click is all about, you can use it anytime he does something right. Always reward him with a treat and praise. Remember that puppies understand cause and effect very quickly.

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