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You just saw a small dog run by that seemed like a small version of the Greyhound.  You may have seen an Italian Greyhound.  This is an ancient canine breed  that has all of the sleek proportions of a full size greyhound. These dogs are barely a foot tall. If you compare a regular greyhound to, lets say a bus, then the Italian greyhound could be compared to an Italian sports car. They have the same easy going, sweet disposition of the larger greyhounds and the desire to run.  It was a favorite of Italian noblemen and if you know anything about art, you would know that the miniature greyhound is frequently seen in renaissance art.  So now you’re thinking that the Italian greyhound would make a perfect apartment dog right?  You are partially correct. They are good for apartments in terms of size, but they require lots of exercise. You can’t just put on his dog leash and stoll around the neighborhood. These dogs like to run in wide open spaces. So if you live in a city, you way want to re-consider owning an Italian greyhound.

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