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Unless you own a cat, you probably can’t believe that a cat shows love.

Here’s the Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition of love.
1. Strong affection
2. Warm attachment
3. Unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others

Cats do show affection and not just when a meal is served. Cats seek their owners out for affection in the form of play or maybe a chat or even a stroke or two.

When people say that cats don’t show affection and  are unattached and that they won’t come when called, they are comparing cats to dogs.

Cats form strong attachment to their owners. There are many known cases where the owner had to leave, or died, and the cat showed signs of distress. The cats sit at the owners bedroom door meowing. They go into hiding and even refuse to eat. Some perfectly healthy cats have had such a strong attachment that they simply died after the loss of their owner, the only cause seeming to be a broken heart.

So yes, cats do feel and show affection, just in a different way than dogs.

Remember, pets are family!

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