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Cats can very easily interpret voice tones rather than words. I usually speak to my cat Millie in a cheery voice and she usually responds well.  Cats constantly size up our gestures and syllables to see if we are praising them or are angry at them. Even without words, they pick up our emotions and our intentions. When I act upset, Millie usually keeps her distance for a little while. She can sense by the vibrations that I’m giving off that something is wrong. Here’s a challenge for you. Without making any gestures, make eye contact with your cat and say in a stern voice, “What a good kitty you are.” “Let me give you a treat.” Then with a smile on your face and a cheery voice say “I hate when you scratch the furniture.” I can bet that your cat will approach you when he hears the happy tone. Even though you’re saying something negative. This will prove that’s it’s not what you say but how you say it!

Remember, pets are family!

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