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Millie’s Medical Problem

Thursday, November 25, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Several weeks ago we noticed that Millie’s left jaw was swollen. We didn’t feel a lump but felt a thickening of the skin. This situation put us in a difficult position since we are in the process of switching vets. We haven’t decided on a new vet yet so there was nowhere to take her. When we finally made the decision to take her to a vet in Georgetown, Delaware, there was a long wait to get her an appointment. One thing about southern Delaware, vets aren’t easy to come by.  We made an appointment for early January. As her condition seemed to worsen, we called our new vet and he felt that the problem was with her teeth. He agreed to do a procedure that required her to be put on anesthesia on an emergency basis. We made the appointment that was scheduled to take place last week. As the days went by, Millie’s swelling had gone down and she was back to normal. We contacted the vet and re-scheduled her appointment back to early January.

All of a sudden Millie’s swelling came back and now there was an open sore that was beginning to bleed. We contacted our new vet again and he agreed to administer antibiotics to alleviate infection. Her appointment was now moved to December 10th.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to clean her sore a couple of times a day and are giving her the required dose of antibiotics. Other than the sore, Millie seems to be doing fine. We are closely monitoring this situation and we WON’T cancel her appointment that is scheduled for December 10th this time!

Pay close attention to any changes in your cat especially if they are older. Cats are clever and have a tendency to hide their illness. In the meantime have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Remember, pets are family!

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