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Cats are not big fans of change.  If they could chose, they would prefer to stay where they’re already comfortable and settled in. You should try to make the move as stress free as possible, It can have big benefits including house soiling, excessive meowing and crying, hiding, escape attempts and aggression. There are three basic components to moving to  a new home with a cat. The first is pre-move preparations, then the move itself and finally settling into your new home with your cat.  Here are some tips to remember.

  • Make sure that your cat is used to his carrier. Put the carrier out, open the door and put some food outside the carrier. Then eventually move the food inside the carrier.  Make her feel like the carrier is part of her home.
  • Put out your moving boxes a couple of weeks before you begin packing.  If your cat is nervous while you’re packing,she’ll probably be happier closed in a quiet room, away from the activity and the noise.
  • Try to keep your cat’s daily routine as stable as possible.  Stick closely to her regular schedule for feeding, play and attention. A feeder with a timer can be helpful to make sure your cat eats at the same time each day.
  • If your cat is very skiddish, speak to your vet about some anti-anxiety medication.

The following information was provided by Web MD

The Move

  • To prevent your cat from dashing out the door while movers are going in and out, close him in a bathroom with food, water, a bed and litter box. Place a sign on the door asking the movers to keep the door shut.
  • Feed your cat a very small breakfast on moving day to reduce stomach upset.
  • While in transit, resist the urge to open your cat’s carrier to soothe him. A scared cat may try to dash out. Only open the carrier in a secure area and when absolutely necessary.
  • Carry a roll of packing tape in case the carrier needs emergency repairs along the way.

Allow you cat to wander around your new home. Show him where his food and litter box is and before you know it, she will be just as comfortable as she was in your old home.

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