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Thank goodness Summer is winding down and the crowds at the beach are beginning to wane. That means, cool temperatures, cool breezes and lots of space will greet you and your dog at the beach. Beaches will soon be open to dogs all the time and you can give your best friend more freedom to run, jump and splash at our beaches!

We all know that dogs need plenty of exercise. They love to run, jump fetch and even swim. During the summer months, many beaches don’t allow dogs because of the many tourists who crowd our beaches during these months. The 2015 summer ┬áseason is now coming to a close and the fall is a perfect time to get your dog to the beach for some fresh air and exercise. Running on the sand is great cardio exercise for both you and your pet. The weather is still great and beaches are empty for the most part. So if you live near the beach, get in the habit of giving your dog some fun and exercise at a nearby beach!

Remember, your pets count!

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