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Yesterday, I lost my sweet cat Atlantis. His health began to deteriorate sharply over the past few months. We did everything we could but it was clear that the end was near. I feel compelled to write about the horrible experience I had at the last moments of Atlantis’s life. Here my experience yesterday. I hope and pray that any of you reading this will never have to experience this kind of a situation.
My experience with Savannah Animal Hospital today was horrific!
I’ve been going to Savannah Animal Hospital for many years. At first, they were kind, efficient and very professional but lately, things have really changed. They’ve become like a processing factory. Today, I had to have my beloved pet Atlantis euthanized after a steady decline in health. I called Savannah about 7:20am and informed them of our decision. Atlantis didn’t have much time left. They scheduled the procedure for 10:00am. I got there on time and when I called from the parking lot, the first thing they asked for was payment. I sat in the car with my heart pounding and my Atlantis yowling in pain. I sat and sat and sat until after 35 minutes I called again and expressed my disgust at their insensitivity. They finally came out. We went into the room and when the doctor entered, I was stunned by her cold insensitive approach. There was no emotion, compassion or empathy. I was clearly very emotional. She told me there were only two doctors there. Then she had the audacity to say I didn’t have an appointment. When she started the process, she couldn’t get the medicine to work. I’ll never forget the last image of my poor Atlantis on the table being stuck and stuck like a rat in a biology class. I was horrified!! It was truly the worst experience of my life. I don’t care if they didn’t have enough staff. They continue to pack the schedule each day even though they are short staffed. Non essential appointments should be staggered so all patients get quality care. Pure greed has taken over this business. I will add that several years ago when I had to euthanize my cat Molly due to kidney failure, it was a totally different experience. A very very wonderful, compassionate staff made this very stressful, unpleasant task very very peaceful. The staff was reassuring, and very sensitive to my feelings. This experience was a horror from start to finish. I don’t care if a doctor has been in the practice six months or thirty years if they are insensitive and stone cold, they have no business being doctors. I will spread the word on my awful experience and the sharp downhill slide of Savannah Animal Hospital.
Remember, our pets are family.

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