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Does Pica Affect Cats?

Saturday, June 19, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Most of the time a cat, unlike a dog, a cat won’t chew on anything other than their food. Sometimes you will encounter a cat with a very strange behavior problem. They will chew on wool, plastic or other materials. There is a term for this behavior. It’s called Pica and it’s an eating disorder. It means that a cat will crave to eat other items besides their food. Siamese cats and other oriental breeds are the most frequent offenders. Almost any mixed breed cat can have this problem. Cats with Pica, will bite telephone cords, plastic items or even pantie hose. Veterinarians aren’t really sure why cats do this but Pica seems like a obsessive compulsive disorder. An interesting fact is that some cats respond to the same drugs that are used to treat obsessive compulsive disorders in humans. These cats may also crave ruffage so maybe it would be a good idea to plant a garden just for the cat suffering from Pica. Your cat will play with their cat toys but usually craves to eat the other items described earlier. If you suspect that your cat may have this disorder, it’s worth talking to your vet about it!

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