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You’ve finally decided to take some action to get your dog to lose weight. Overweight dogs are prone to many diseases like osteoarthritis, heart disease and diabetes. It is proven that dogs that are fit, live longer. The first thing that you should do to get your dog to lose weight is to take him to the vet to determine if there are underlying conditions that may be causing his weight problem. Your vet will help you calculate how many calories that your dog is already consuming. He will determine a lower calorie option that is both nutritious and lower in fat.  There are many over the counter weight management and healthy weight diets but these are not legally regulated. They may not even lower the calories to help your dog lose weight. One last thing to note is that table food and treats contain many calories and fat. It is recommended that your dog consume no more than 10% of his total calorie intake on snacks and table food.

Remember, your pets count!

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