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If you walk your dog at night, you’ve probably realized that there are certain risks involved. One of the biggest risks is not being visible to oncoming vehicles and not being able to see your dog if you’re in a very dark area without street lights. There are products that light up in the dark, such as lighted collars or pet blinkers which hook on to your dogs collar to light the way. Here are some additional tips that will help keep you and your dog safe.

Always wear light or bright clothing.
Always carry a flashlight.
Purchase sneakers with reflectors or LED lights on the sides.
Purchase reflective tape and attach it to your clothing and even to your dog’s collar.
If possible, avoid walking along the road. If you have no other choice, walk against the traffic so you’ll see the cars and hopefully they’ll see you and your dog. Keep your dog farthest from the road.
Always keep your dog on a leash and keep him as close as possible to you.

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