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Well I fell into this trap over the weekend. I’ve mentioned to you many times that my cat Atlantis has digestive problems and I have him eating food that is specially made for sensitive stomachs. On Saturday, I bought a roasted whole chicken at the supermarket. Atlantis picked up that delicious scent as soon as I walked in the door. As I was carving the chicken I decided to give Atlantis a small piece from the inner breast figuring that any seasoning wouldn’t have penetrated that far while the chicken was roasting. Atlantis loved it and wanted more. I gave him another little piece then another later in the day. Sunday morning he was sitting by the fridge waiting for another piece of chicken. So I gave in and gave him another small piece.

Later in the day while we were entertaining some guests, I went into our bathroom and found a disaster. Atlantis pooped all over the floor. It was everywhere like an explosion! I cleaned the mess up.  He had a diarrhea most of the day  and into the overnight. Even though normally chicken is a good thing for a cat. I made a few big mistakes, the chicken was roasted and I had no idea what herbs they used and second, I gave into Atlantis’s meows for more chicken.

Be very careful when giving your cat anything different from the food that they’re already eating especially if your cat has a sensitive stomach. Our challenging cat Atlantis has taught me many valuable lessons!

Remember, your pets count!

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Appetizer Enhancers for Cats

Saturday, May 1, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

As your cat gets older, his appetite may diminish and you may begin to worry. If a cat has been diagnosed with thyroid or kidney disease loss of appetite is a common occurence.  Our cat Atlantis has been diagnosed with both and while sometimes his appetite is ok, there are times where we really struggle to get him to eat. He does have digestive issues but it’s important to keep him eating consistently. Our vet has recommended an appetite enhancer. It’s a transdermal medication that is applied once a day in his ear. This medication really helps to enhance his appetite. Yesterday Atlantis ate more than he usually does and his appetite seems to be improving.

It’s always a struggle to keep our fur babies happy and healthy especially as they get older. If your cat is not eating as much and does not have a stomach virus or another temporary issue that can cause him to stop eating, speak to your vet about putting him on an appetite enhancer, it could be just what he needs!

Remember, your pets count!

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