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An Unexpected Cat Fight

Saturday, March 13, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Yesterday was a beautiful day here at the Delaware beaches and I was sitting on my porch enjoying the great weather. We’ve been feeding a feral cat who comes around each day about 12:00 noon to have his lunch. Our cat Millie loves to sit on the porch with me when the weather is warm so I had her out. The feral cat came as usual for his lunch. At first, it appeared as if Millie didn’t care that our visitor arrived but as she was making her way toward the food bowl, all hell suddenly broke loose! Millie darted across the porch, nails ready to attack and lunged at the feral cat. I jumped up and before Millie and our feral made contact I scared them away from each other preventing a vicious attack! Millie ran back inside and the feral left without ever having his lunch. Outside of lots of hissing, none of our feline friends were injured.

Later in the afternoon, the feral returned and enjoyed her lunch peacefully.

Lesson learned- Never expect that a domestic and feral cat will coexist peacefully at first. Keep in mind two female cats sometimes never get along.

Remember, your pets count.

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