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Your Pet and Heart Problems

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Heart problems are life threatening and should be detected and treated immediately. There’s no time to spare ! There are several clues to look for to determine if your pet has a heart problem. They seem to slow down and can’t play or exercise anymore. Dr. Andrew Lowell  is a Veterinarian at the Pender Veterinary Clinic in Fairfax, Virginia . He says that pets and humans have common heart symptoms. If humans feel lethargic,  tire frequently and can’t run anymore, this can be an indicator that there is  a heart problem.

Heavy breathing and continual fatigue are signals that your pet needs to go to the Vet and get checked out. Frequently, heart problems can be controlled with the proper pet medication.  My pet began coughing. At first I thought that he had something stuck in his throat so I looked and didn’t feel anything. The coughing stopped but started up again periodically. My pet also became less active than usual. When I took him to the Vet, it was determined that he had a serious heart problem. I had several prescription pet medications that I had to administer several times a day. This prolonged his life for almost a year.

Make sure that you understand your Vets instructions when it comes to administering your pets medication.  This is extremely important especially if you have several different medications to administer.

The bottom line is  do not hesitate to call your vet as soon as you notice any change in your pets normal behavior.

Remember, your pets count!



Remember, your pets count!

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The meals eaten by a wild cat contain very few carbohydrates. and that is less than 5% of the total calories consumed.That carbohydrate level works because a cat is able to convert protein into fuel for energy. However, the cat can utilize carbs as a fuel source as well, especially if they break down easily and are easy to digest. Cereal grains such as rice corn and wheat are some of the most highly digestible carbohydrates which is why they are one of the main ingredients in commercial cat food. They are relatively cheap especially when they are compared to the prices of proteins. It’s because of the carbs in your cats food that she gets a sufficient source of energy and you can keep her well fed without spending a fortune. Always remember that protein is the main ingredient.

Remember, your pets count!

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Some Quirks About All White Cats

Sunday, February 14, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s a common belief that all white cats are born deaf and that blue eyed white cats are prone to blindness and deafness.Blue eyed white cats are no more prone to blindness than any other cat. They are more likely to be deaf. White cats make up about five percent of all cats. Of these, fever than half have one or two blue eyes.  Most white cats with orange or green eyes have normal hearing. Up to 80% of all white cats are born deaf in at least one ear. If your cat falls in this category, don’t worry. A deaf cat can be a perfectly sweet and attractive companion.  If he is deaf, don’t ever let him outdoors. Keep him safe indoors with all of his cat toys and lots of love from you.

Remember, your pets count!

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Older dogs and cats have special nutritional needs and some of those needs can be given in the form of vitamin supplements. Check with your vet for some recommendations for higher level of vitamins that your dog or cat may need.

A large percentage of older dogs suffer from arthritis. There is a daily supplement that contains glucosamine that helps dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other bone or joint problems. Make sure that your dog is eating a balanced diet. If he isn’t then vitamin supplement may be required. Again, check with your veterinarian to get the best advice and don’t try to be your dogs doctor.

Remember, your pets count!

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Cat’s are a Calming Therapy

Friday, February 12, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Many different kinds of animals are used as partners in animal assisted therapy. These can range from birds to rabbits to lamas and horses.  Of course dogs and cats are at the top of the list.  Interacting with pets has a wonderful, calming affect on people that are ill or injured. This can help them feel better both physically and emotionally. Therapy cats can be any size and breed. All that’s required is a calm, gentle personality and interest in people. To prepare to work with a therapist, each cat must go through a training program. It’s taught to sit quietly, tolerate frequent handling by strangers and stay calm in the face of sudden loud noises and distractions.  These cats deserve special recognition for their wonderful abilities to help people that are ill.  Give them an extra  snack for all of their hard work!

Remember, your pets count!

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When one cat dies, owners often notice changes in the behavior of the one that is left behind. They may become lethargic, clingy or stop eating for awhile. They also may walk around meowing for no reason. These signs do suggest that cats do feel the loss of another cat.  Because our pets cannot speak, we base our opinion on their actions.  When a person experiences the death of a human loved one, they tell us how they feel but they also usually become listless, disoriented, lose focus and stop eating.They will also cry or go without sleep. This is a bit similar to our feline friends. Some animals actually become depressed when they lose a loved one says Monique D. Chretien, MSc, AHT, Animal Behavior Consultant.  If the deceased cat was taken to the vet to be euthanized, the one left behind may sit at the window for days anticipating her return.

If your cat shows signs of grieving the loss of her companion, show her more love, affection and attention than ever. Try to get her mind off of the loss by playing with her favorite toy. Sometimes we just have to wait for time to heal. In the meantime, understand what she is going through and be patient.

Remember, your pets count!

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Pet Dehydration Could Be A Deadly Symptom

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

When cats and dogs are ill, they often stop eating and drinking. A reduced fluid intake, especially when it’s accompanied by a fever, vomiting or diarrhea can lead to severe dehydration. If your pet has a fast heart rate, sunken eyes and dry gums, he could be dehydrated. Another sign could be skin that has lost its elasticity. That’s why some veterinarians will pinch the skin on a cats back to check for dehydration. If the skin stays up in a ridge, your pet may need treatment. Long periods of dehydration can lead to kidney failure. If you suspect a problem with your pet, do not hesitate to call your veterinarian. He or she can make an accurate diagnosis and administer fluids if needed. Make sure that there is always water in the cat or dog water bowl. Watch carefully to make sure that your pet is drinking. Remember, they cannot tell you how they feel. Be observant and don’t waste any time getting them to a vet if necessary.

Remember, your pets count!

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Pet Food and Their Immune System

Monday, February 8, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

Your pets immune system is working 24/7 to ward off viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders that could make your pet sick. When any of these disease causing agents try to invade, a cellular fighting force is deployed to destroy them. Your pet cat or dog need a vigorous immune system to survive. What they eat plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. That’s why your pets diets needs to be balanced in terms as major nutrients such as proteins and fats. Vitamins Zinc, Selenium, and vitamin E are also very important.Too much of one element could be just as damaging to the immune system as too little. As your veterinarian for a recommendation.

Remember your pets count!

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This Superbowl will be different that many others. We will not be gathering in large groups and will be watching the game with those in our family unit. There will still be food and snacks and you should take precautionary measures to keep your best friend sage.

  1. Keep your eye on alcoholic beverages. Make sure that your dog isn’s sneaking any nips during the game.
  2. You can choose to keep your dog in his crate during the game. He’ll be safe and will look forward to your visit during halftime.
  3. Watch the trash. Super Bowl parties mean food and a lot of it…and that means trash. Be sure to keep your trash secured so your dog cannot eat the disposable plates or dangerous toothpicks.
  4. Beware of bones. Many Super Bowl parties = buffalo wings with bones. Chicken bones and dogs are a definite no-no so keep an eye on those plates of wings.
  5. Some munchies like those containing chocolate are dangerous to your dog. Keep a close eye on those munchies and make sure that Rover doesn’t sneak a treat.
  6. Designate a member of your family to watch your dog during the game to make sure that he isn’t getting into anything he shouldn’t

Enjoy the game!

Remember, your pets count!

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CBD Oil for Your Pets

Saturday, February 6, 2021
posted by Jim Murphy

The benefits of CBD oil is talked about all the time but being a skeptic, I need to be assured that is is safe to use for pets. has put together some helpful details about CBD oil and it’s use. Use the following as a guideline. Keep in mind that in all states except California, Vets can’t discuss the use of CBD oil for pets.

Have you heard the hype about CBD oil and its use for pets? If you spend any time on the internet, then you most likely have heard about CBD oil for pets, and you may be wondering what it is and if it actually works in dogs and cats. With a little research, you’ll find that while the benefits of CBD in humans is fairly well established, the science in dogs and cats is lacking. However, research is starting to be published with promising results.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound derived from hemp. Science has identified more than 140 naturally occurring cannabinoids, and these compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system in humans and animals—including your pets.

Cannabinoid receptors function to maintain homeostasis (a stable environment) in the body, and they are located throughout the body and brain. These receptors are involved in everything from pain, mood and anxiety to appetite, inflammation and immunity. CBD found in hemp can help stimulate these receptors.

What Is CBD Oil Used For?

In humans, CBD has been shown to help with anxiety, inflammation, nausea, mental disorders, chronic pain, mood disorders and seizures, and it is neuroprotective at higher doses. At lower doses, CBD promotes health through antioxidant properties. For example, in humans, CBD is a more effective antioxidant for the brain than vitamin C or E, and it can help with acne.

In pets, much of the evidence proving the efficacy of CBD oil is anecdotal, with most of the claims suggesting it helps treat pain.

CBD Oil for Pets: Helpful or Hype?

There are some recent studies that indicate giving pets CBD oil is helpful in certain circumstances.

Dr. Joe Wakshlag, DVM, PhD, DACVN, DACVSMR, associate professor and section chief of nutrition at Cornell University’s veterinary school in Ithaca, New York, recently completed a study showing that CBD oil does help dogs with chronic pain from osteoarthritis; the results of the study indicated that there was a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity for the dogs participating in the study.

There also are plans to study the effect of CBD oil in cats with chronic pain, acute pain in dogs, behavioral issues in dogs and concurrent use of CBD oil with chemotherapy in canine cancer patients. Cornell also has a CBD safety study in cats that almost is completed.

Another study, conducted by Colorado State University’s veterinary school and published in June, found that CBD oil helps dogs suffering from epilepsy. In my practice, I have clients that use CBD oil to control seizures in their dogs. One canine patient in particular could not tolerate the side effects of the conventional drugs we prescribed to control his seizures and continued to have seizures while on the medication. The client chose to stop the seizure medications and started giving CBD oil instead. At a follow-up appointment, the client said his pet was seizure-free and doing very well without the prescription medications and by just taking the CBD oil.

But again, at the moment, much of the evidence in support of CBD oil for pets is anecdotal.

Dr. Fred Metzger, DVM, MRCVS, DABVP, owner of Metzger Animal Hospital in State College, Pennsylvania, and adjunct professor at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia, reports that more than 100 dogs at his hospital are being given CBD oil for chronic pain with osteoarthritis, and his team is witnessing positive results.

“It’s nice because you see results faster than with traditional joint chews with glucosamine and chondroitin in them,” Dr. Metzger says. “Typically, dogs are feeling better within a week, versus the month that it takes with traditional joint supplements. The results have been pretty dramatic—dogs that were literally going to be euthanized because of chronic pain and inability to move are enjoying improved quality of life again. It’s not a cure, but it helps.”

Pet parents have also seen what pet CBD oil can do for their four-legged companion.

Alicia H. from Simi Valley, California, gives her 10-year-old Golden Retriever, Maverick, CBD oil for chronic pain from lymphoma and arthritis.

“Maverick was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago and was not expected to make it 6 months,” Alicia says. “Between the cancer and terrible arthritis in his back, my beautiful boy wasn’t eating and stopped playing fetch.”

After doing some research, she began giving Maverick CBD oil to help relieve his pain.

“I began to see my boy come back,” Alicia says. “I am happy to say we are going on 2 years to the vet’s disbelief and he is back to eating and playing as he always had … My family truly believes he is doing as well as he is because of the CBD and we will recommend it to all in a similar position.”

Lauren F. from Queens, New York, also gives her dog, Jay, CBD oil for pain relief.

“Jay was hit by a car when he was 4 months old and has metal pins in his right hind leg,” Lauren says.

Some days his leg would bother him so much that he wouldn’t want to play, she adds. Jay took some medications for pain relief but had to stop because he was allergic to some of the ingredients in the medicine. They tried physical therapy and other treatments that the vet recommended, but nothing seemed to help improve his overall wellness. On top of that, he was dealing with severe separation anxiety.

For Jay, CBD oil seemed to be the best solution.

“CBD did not sedate Jay, but brought him back to normal,” Lauren says. “It has been a true miracle for his health and my sanity.”


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