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The Best Car Seats For Dogs in 2020

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We are all concerned about the safety and comfort of our best friends while traveling. If you are looking for a car seat, here’s a list that may help you out. This list was compiled by The Spruce Pets.

“Three points of contact secure your dog’s torso, reducing movement if you make a sudden stop while driving.”
“This versatile bed works well as a carrier, bed, and car seat for smaller dogsā€”and can be taken on a plane as well.”
Best For Large Dogs:

A4Pet Pet Car Seat at Amazon

“Large enough to fit labrador-sized pups, this seat has a security leash to keep your pet in place while you’re driving.”
“This seat gives your pet a boost so they can see out the window, as well as securing them in a safe place during your drive.”
“While pricey, this crate has been tested to withstand over 4,000 pounds of force, and carries a lifetime warranty.”


“This hammock protects both your pets and your car interior, as it blocks out mud, dirt, and fur from getting all over your seats.”
“This belt attaches your pet’s harness to your car’s LATCH system rather than your seat belt for a more secure hold.”
“Ideal for pups with anxiety around confinement, this rear-facing car seat catches your dog upon impact.”
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