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Atlantis’s Doctor Visit

Thursday, October 8, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Yesterday, I took Atlantis to the vet for his checkup. We had to resolve a few issues. The first being some ingrown nails. Atlantis’s nails grow very fast and curve inward. They cut his nails and resolved the ones that were ingrown. We must check his nails more often., they seem to grow very fast. He also received an antibiotic for the ingrown nails.

His blood work turned out pretty good. His TT4 and SMDA levels were slightly elevated. TT4 is the principal hormone secreted by the thyroid gland and the SMDA levels measure kidney function. His vet was not overly concerned as both of these levels are slightly elevated. We will be monitoring this.

Atlantis also received his rabies and distemper shots.

All other tests were normal. So in general, we are pleased but cautious since Atlantis is an older cat with several health issues.

It is important to have your older cat checked by a vet on a regular basis.

Remember, your pets count!

Add Astro’s oil products to you cats daily regimen if he’s been diagnosed with feline kidney disease. We use them and are very pleased with the positive results.

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