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Hypertension in Cats and Dogs

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Did you ever think that only humans can get high blood pressure?  Cats and dogs can also suffer from hypertension.  Most of the time, they will never show any obvious signs of the disease.  The ability to recognize and to treat hypertension in dogs and cats is a relatively recent development in veterinary medicine.  Treatment for a pet with high blood pressure may include a low salt diet and pet medication to lower their blood pressure.  It has been found that in pets, hypertension is almost always secondary to some other disorder which may include diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid disease.  The chance of treating the hypertension really increases if you are able to discover and eradicate the underlying disease.

Astro’s Oil products help cats with feline kidney disease. In addition to the regimen that your recommends, add these products. They do make a difference. I’ve used them on my cat and her life was extended and she lived a good quality of life for five extra years.

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