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Parvovirus Requires Immediate Attention

Saturday, September 19, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

This is a viral disease that is common in dogs. Puppies are more likely to have problems with Parvovirus but is also occurs in adults. There is a high rate of survival only with immediate intervention by a veterinarian. If you don’t get medical help right away, chances are your dog will die. Parvovirus is spread from one dog to another and there is no cure for it.  Most times, it is treated by re-hydrating the dog or puppy, and by prescribing antibiotics.  Your veterinarian may also make your dog more comfortable by treating the symptoms.

The most common sign of this dog illness is diarrhea. Your puppy may appear tired, listless and not interested in eating. This virus enjoys rapidly growing cells and that is why  the digestive system and the cardiovascular system are often problem spots for puppies.  If your dogs diarrhea does not go away right away and you did not change his diet in any way, take him to a vet  right away.

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