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We’ve been self isolating for almost nine weeks now. Most people are listening to the experts, the doctors and scientists and are staying safe. Going out requires more preparation than it did nine weeks ago. We need to wear masks, take along wipes and hand sanitizer. Unfortunately this will be our new normal for awhile. There is a bright side in all of this. I’ve noticed many people taking their furry friends for walks probably more than usual. This benefits your best friend as well as provides some  much needed exercise for both pet and pet owner.

I’m sure our best friends are glad that we are spending so much time with them during this crisis. They are happy to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the smells of Spring.

If we could take away one positive thing from these unprecedented times,  we can now enjoy nature and notice things that maybe we took for granted and that we can do it with our best friends.

Remember, your pets count!

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A Common Condition in Dogs

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s not uncommon for our pets to get sick every now and then. One of the more common conditions in dogs is an infection of the urinary tract. If left untreated, urinary tract infections can lead to even more serious bladder and kidney issues. This could put your dog at great risk. A healthy bladder is always free of bacteria. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include:

  • Frequent urination in small quantities.
  • Accidents in the home because of the inability to hold urine.
  • Foul smelling urine.
  • Blood in the urine.

It’s important to take your dog to the vet immediately as that the appropriate tests will be run and the proper diagnosis made. Urinary tract infections are treated with pet medication such as antibiotics. Typically, your dog will be placed on a two week cycle to ensure that all of the bacteria is eradicated. Don’t delay treatment for your dog. Take him to the vet as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Remember, your pets count!

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A Guide for Cleaning Your Cats Ear

Monday, May 18, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

My cat Atlantis takes a transdermal medication for his hyperthyroidism. This means that his ears can get crusty so ear cleaning has been a daily ritual in our household. Usually, I’ll take a baby wipe and gently clean both of his ears each day. If your cat needs a thorough cleaning, the professionals recommend an effective specific method. VCA have provided a detailed breakdown of the correct way to clean your cats ears.

Step-by-Step Guide for Ear Cleaning

  1. Sitting in a comfortable position, hold your cat in your lap. Wrapping or swaddling your cat in a towel may help keep her calm if she is resistant to having her ears cleaned.
  2. Grasp the tip of the ear flap (pinna) pulling back slightly to expose the ear canal and to help straighten the ear canal out.
  3. While holding your cat’s ear flap, gently but firmly with one hand, hold the ear cleaning solution in your other hand.
  4. Squeeze some ear cleaning solution into your cat’s ear. Use enough cleaner to completely fill the ear canal. It is fine if some of the cleaner spills out of the canal. DO NOT put the tip of the bottle into the ear. If the tip of the bottle touches your cat’s ear, wipe the tip off with a clean cotton ball soaked in alcohol to prevent the spread of bacteria or yeast.
  5. Continue to hold the ear flap with one hand and gently massage the base of the ear below the ear opening for about 30 seconds with the other hand. This allows the cleaning solution to break up the debris that is in the ear canal. You should hear a ‘squishing’ sound as the cleaning solution moves around in the horizontal part of the canal.
  6. While still holding the ear flap, wipe away debris from the inner part of the ear flap and the upper ear canal using a cotton ball or gauze.
  7. Allow your cat to shake her head. This allows the remaining ear cleaning solution and debris from the ear canal to move out of the canal to the outer opening of the ear.
  8. Once again, hold the ear flap, and remove the loosened debris and cleaning solution from the outer opening of the ear canal using a cotton ball or gauze.
  9.  Remove any debris and remaining cleaning solution from the ear canal with a cotton ball or gauze – only go into the canal as far as your finger will reach.
  10. NEVER use a cotton-tipped applicator (Q-tip) to remove the solution from the ear canal. Doing so can damage the ear canal and/or ear drum or push debris further into the canal.
  11. Provide treats to your cat.
  12. Repeat the same process with the other ear.
  13. If your cat appears to be in pain during the cleaning process, stop and consult your veterinarian.
  14. Repeat the cleaning procedure as often as is recommended by your veterinarian.

Remember, your pets count!

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Some Myths About Dobermans

Sunday, May 17, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Some people will say that Doberman’s have the reputation of being overly aggressive even vicious in some cases. This is simply not true in most cases. Any dog that is not properly cared for may become aggressive.   Given a good home and proper training, they are sweet, loving animals that are very good with the elderly as well as children. Because of their strong, large bodies, it is not recommended that they be left unsupervised around children. They may be overprotective. If your child is playing with other children and the dog detects that your child may be in harm, he may misunderstand the situation and become aggressive in order to protect the child even though the children were only playing.

Doberman’s are active dogs and should be trained and well exercised to become a good pet.  They do best with an experienced owner. So if you are not experienced with this breed, before you take your doberman off of his dog leash and let him run in the park, learn all you can about him. There are many books available, so do your research before adopting a Doberman.

Remember, your pets count!

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Administering medication to cats can be a daunting task.  Every morning I give my cat Atlantis 1.5 ml of Astro’s Oil to help with his kidney function and overall health. Fortunately Atlantis is such a good, trusting cat that I can easily accomplish this task.  Liquid medication can be administered orally or mixed in with your cat’s food. Since Atlantis is a very easy going cat, I lift him up and put him on the kitchen counter. I prepare the pipette with the liquid before placing him on the counter. I gently press the pipette on the side of his mouth and when he opens it I squeeze the medication out of the pipette. It’s done in a second and Atlantis is the dream cat to work with. Unfortunately, lots of cats will do anything to get out of taking there medication.

Some cats will require a towel placed around them and a firm grip so they don’t scratch or try to escape. Gently try to quickly open their mouth by placing you fingers on the sides and apply slight pressure. As soon as you can get  the pipette in, quickly squeeze the pipette and administer the medication. This can be frustrating and may require a second person to hold the cat.

The third method is to mix the medication in with your cat’s wet food. The problem I found with this method is that cats can easily detect that something has been added to their food and may not eat it. This was the case with my first cat Molly. It was difficult to get her to take the entire dose of the medication. Eventually she got used to it being in her food and it wasn’t much of a problem.

Whichever  method you choose, keep persisting and when you develop a plan, stick to it.  Good luck!

Remember, your pets count!

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A Companion Animal

Friday, May 15, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Many times, the character of the Bull dog is misunderstood. Many say that they are stubborn and lazy, but bulldogs have many wonderful qualities. The bulldog’s special talent in life is companionship. Their owner is their life and bulldogs are totally forgiving and loving animals. Bulldogs will do many funny things to make you laugh and they are great with children and the elderly.

Bulldogs can be very sensitive to your moods and will know when you’re happy. They also can be still and compassionate when you are sad or grieving. These dogs look so tough but they aren’t tough at all but they are also brave and will guard and defend their owner if they think that he or she is being threatened.  Bulldogs also defend children and will often bark when a child is being scolded by his parents. Even when bulldogs appear to be resting or asleep, they will still notice every single movement.

So if you’re thinking of adopting a bull dog, these are some good reasons to do so.

Remember, your pets count!

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Dogs Should Be Kept on a Leash in Public

Thursday, May 14, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

The other day I heard a brawl down the street. I went out and say three dogs growling and they seemed to be attacking each other. One dog got off of his leash. I believe it may have been an accident but this prompted me to re-post this.

Always walk your dog on his dog leash. In doing so, you re being a kind and considerate neighbor. I know that your neighbors would not appreciate your dog digging holes in their yard, stepping on their newly planted flowers or relieving himself on their front steps.  Not having a dog on a leash poses a threat to everyone. Your dog could  jump on a little child and injured him, he could attack another pet or another pet could attack and injure him. If he is running free, he could be hit by a car, eat grass containing fresh pesticides that could harm or even kill him. There are too may things to mention. Yet, I still see dogs off of their leash. Be a responsible pet owner and be considerate of others. Keep your pet out of danger and always walk him on his dog leash. There is no reason to keep him off his leash unless you are in a dog run area.

Remember, your pets count!

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Astro’s Oil for Atlantis

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We’re following the journey of our cat Atlantis and is diagnosed illness, hyperactive thyroid and kidney disease. He’s taking some prescription medication  but I felt the need to get him on a high potency Omega 3 oil. I chose the same product, Astro’s Oil that I used for my cat Molly, who passed away at 19.

Atlantis was very ill in January, he had no appetite, was very listless and retreated to a corner in my home office. I started him on Astro’s Oil in February and it didn’t take long to see the results. I am convinced that his improvement was due to Astro’s oil more than the prescription medication for his thyroid condition. He was not given a prescription for kidney disease since it is  in the early stages and his latest blood test showed a normal reading. As he made progress, my stress level began to drop. I do get very stressed out when it comes to my pets health.

Within five days of administering Astro’s oil, I noticed a major change. Atlantis was no longer in the corner in my home office but sitting with us in our family room and was back to asking for  pets and hugs in a very vocal way! His vocal nature obviously returned and we were thrilled. Given all of these positive signs, his appetite also improved. In fact he was eating so much that I had to increase my trips to the pet store to buy more food. These positive and encouraging changes were also noticed in my cat Molly who had advanced kidney disease. Molly gave us six more years of love and I believe that this blessing was attributed to Astro’s Oil.

We are so pleased with Atlantis’s progress that we’ve been spoiling him with snacks and now we’ve created a little manipulator. When I give him his morning feeding, he starts meowing and follows me around asking for snacks! I have learned to ignore him and after the “tantrum,” he goes to his dish and eats.

Next time, we’ll talk about some other great kidney products produced by the makers of Astro’s Oil. Kidney disease in cats is common and serious but there are some great alternatives that could delay and prolong the progress of this disease and give you many more years with your furry friend.

Remember , your pets counts.


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Adopting A Pet is For Keeps

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Many shelters are now empty because so many people decided to adopt a pet during this pandemic. They are cooped up in their homes and now have the time to care for a pet but are these decisions well thought out? Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful that many of these wonderful pets will get new forever homes but what worries me is that some decisions were made hastily and our of boredom.

Adopting a pet is like adopting a child. They become a family member and require love and care just like a child does. My fear is that after this crisis eases and people go back to a new normal way of living, many pets will be returned to shelters.

Before adopting a pet, you must be certain that you’re up to the responsibility and are certain that you can provide a loving, caring home. If you can’t be certain about these things, then leave pet adoption for true pet lovers who will ensure a great home for each of these wonderful creatures.

Remember, your pets count!

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The Canine Digger

Saturday, May 9, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

You let your dog outside in your yard for some good wholesome fun and exercise but when it’s time for him to come back inside, the yard looks like the surface of the moon!  There are mini “craters” all over the place. I’m sure that this activity is something that you could do without.  Dogs often dig out of  loneliness, boredom, and the stress of being confined. Because dogs are pack animals, dogs may dig at a fence or gate to try to join other dogs.  Dogs that are not neutered may be trying to find a mate. In Summer, dogs may dig to cool off because the ground is cooler than the air.  Dogs like Terriers dig instinctively for prey. Some dogs just dig to explore. By taking your dog for a long walk, tossing a dog toy like a frisbie in the park, and just more human interaction may help satisfy your dog’s needs in a less destructive way.

Remember, your pets count!

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