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Another Emergency for Atlantis

Monday, January 20, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Our Atlantis

As you know our cat Atlantis has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and is on Methimazole. Over the past several days, I noticed that his appetite began to diminish. When I woke up today, I found him very listless and not willing to eat or drink anything and he vomited. I took him to the local animal hospital and we just got back.

The doctor thinks that the Methimazole pills could be irritating his stomach. His vital signs are good but he still hasn’t eaten but did began to drink.  He was given an injection to help with his upset stomach. He was  given a new prescription for Methimazole where the medication comes in the form of a gel that gets rubbed on his ear and is absorbed into the blood stream bypassing the digestive system.  He was also prescribed Sucralfate and Metronidazole to help with his stomach upset.

I will monitor him closely and hopefully we can get this under control. We must pay close attention to our pets!

Remember, your pets count.

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