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Knee Injuries in Dogs

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

The most common knee injury in dogs is when they tear one of the two knee ligaments that stabilize the knee joint.  Called an ACL injury, it can happen when a dog is running and inadvertently steps in a hole, slips in the mud or is hit by a car, any action that puts tremendous stress on a dog’s knee. Large breed dogs which makes the knee more vulnerable, are especially prone to ACL injuries. St Bernard’s and Newfoundlands for example as well as poor physical condition in obese and elderly dogs makes them vulnerable as well. If the knee ligament is simply ripped, a period of rest may be enough to get the dog back in action but a torn ligament requires surgery to recreate the damaged tissue. Never try to diagnose this problem or administer pet medication on your own. The is a job for a vet. Remember, your pets count!

Remember, your pets count!

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The Sheep Looking Bedington Terrier

Sunday, December 15, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

One of the strangest dogs that I’ve ever seen has to be the Bedlington Terrier. These dogs look almost like a lamb.  They have pear shaped heads, curly sheep like fur  and triangular ears. There really is no other breed like them. The funny thing is that originally, they  were  used for fighting!  Today, they are bred to be sweet companions but they could still get pretty tough if they’re challenged.  They are brave and energetic dogs and super fast runners.  They could be high strung if they don’t get enough exercise. Only let this breed off of their dog leash in an enclosed area. Like the Whippet, they are fast and love to chase squirrels or other critters that they might see.

Bedlington Terriers may have a serious inherited liver problem known as Copper Storage Disease. They are also prone to hereditary kidney disease, PRA, thyroid problems and eye problems such as cataracts and retinal disease.

Remember, your pets count!

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Administering Hairball Medication Correctly

Saturday, December 14, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Many cats take a hairball medication at some time in their lives. Our cat Atlantis is a long haired Siamese/Himalayan mix. He does have a problem with hairballs. I’ve been administering a medication regularly. He actually likes it and meows for it every morning. It’s a fish flavored gel and he loves to lick it off of my finger. It’s almost like a daily ritual but yesterday, I noticed that he had diarrhea. He didn’t exhibit any other symptoms and I attributed it to his sensitive stomach and maybe too much hairball medication. He’s fine today but sometimes we have to learn by our mistakes.

If your cat has hairballs and uses a gel medication, administer about an inch once a day for four days, then give the medication once or twice a week for maintenance. Have your pet lick the medication off of your finger or you can mix it in with their food. I was giving it to Atlantis almost every day. It makes sense that too much medication can result in loose stools or diarrhea.

Remember ,your pets count!

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No Facebook and Decision to “Unplug”

Thursday, December 12, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

As a child of the 50s 60s and 70s, I grew up learning to do the right thing. We learned to treat everyone kind, not be greedy, and mostly never lie. I’ve held these morals with me throughout my life. I truly dislike to see anyone discriminated against or mistreated. This also includes our furry friends.

I grew up playing outside with kids in the neighborhood, attending holiday events with my parents and attending church every week. I remember one time one of my friends began hanging around with the kids down the street rather than with me. This hurt very much since I didn’t like the kids down the street .  I offered to give my friend a toy robot that I got for Christmas in exchange for him not playing with the kids down the block anymore.

My parents found out about my calculated plan and quickly diffused the idea. They told me that I was bribing my friend. I asked them what’s “bribing” and they told me it’s when you offer something to someone in exchange for receiving something that you want  from them.My parents explained that my  friend should be free to hang around with whomever he wants.  Giving something to get something is a big “no no.” Does this sound familiar? I’m sure it does!

I always held on to the morals and ethics that my parents taught me. I deeply feel that I want to be a “good” person with a good spirit. I am spiritual and believe that the morals that we’re taught as I child are embedded deeply in our inner spirit.

My parents also taught me to get to school or work on time. If you’re late, you’re inconveniencing someone. I hold this to be true and in my 50 years of being in the workplace, I think that I may have been late five times! I remember sitting in terrible traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel for hours while going to work in Manhattan. There were no cell phones back then, I couldn’t call anyone to tell them I would be late. My stomach was churning, my heart was racing and I felt as though I would pass out. As soon as the bus finally pulled into the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I ran to the phone booth to call my office and tell them I would be late. I still felt sick and very guilty when I arrived at the office. Another time while working at WFAS Radio in White Plains, NY, we had an unexpected snow storm in the middle of the afternoon. My radio shift started at 7PM. I left 4pm for the 30 mile trek to the radio station. The snow and wind were blowing and I was crawling at 15 mph. The highways in Westchester County were closed and I was stuck on side streets and did not have a clue as to where I was going. As the hours passed, I stopped at every single gas station to call the station. Again, I was sick to my stomach. I arrived about 20 minutes late but sounded “off” the whole night because of my situation.

Unfortunately today, being late is considered “normal.” There’s no conscience anymore, no feeling that someone is waiting or worried, no accountability. We’ve become a cold, robotic society.

Our political climate disturbs me greatly. We were brought up in a middle class family. We didn’t have much but we valued the things we had. We  loved and valued the people in our lives. I’m seeing a shift in the morals and value in America. How anyone can support a President that defies the office of the President, constantly lies to the American people, coldly fires respected professionals that stand in the way of his agenda, mocks disabled people, puts children in cages, gives financial breaks to the rich, divides the very core of the country, and places our democracy in grave danger goes against the essence of who I am as an individual. It’s like an evil force trying to bring my spirit to it’s knees and you know what, It was succeeding…. until now.

Over the past several days, I’ve made some pretty drastic decisions. Given what I’ve told you, I cannot and will not associate with individuals who support this Administration. I know you’re probably thinking that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. This is true but  when I associate with anyone who supports pure evil,  I get a very sad, pathetic feeling inside me. My spirit is being attacked and no one attacks my spirit!  Over the past months, I’ve unfriended and blocked hundreds on facebook. I am pushing lies, deception and negativity far away. I feel that I cannot go on reading disturbing post after post. I find myself succumbing to this evil by attacking people who posts things that are completely against my morals and beliefs. I’m stooping as low as they are!

I will limit my use of Facebook to include posts about pets and my radio stations. These are two things in my life that I truly love. I’ll also concentrate on being around the people and pets I love. I enjoy my home and spending a quiet evening with my partner and cats brings me great joy and happiness.

So I say to you this holiday season, stay close to your loved ones including your beloved pets. Throw out the garbage — unplug and just get rid of it!

Remember your pets count!

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Sudden Fighting

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

If your dogs suddenly start fighting with one another, the reasons can vary.  Have any of your dogs not been neutered? Has one become sexually mature?  Is there plenty of space for both of them to share?   Have you let them get away with bad behavior in the past? Do they get little exercise or have too few dog toys?  Any or all of these things can cause fighting.

To correct the problem, exert your authority and feed the more aggressive dog last.  Make him walk behind you and your other dog. If he does show aggression, give him an immediate correction such as a loud noise. This tells him that fighting will not be tolerated. Always reward him for peaceful behavior. This will motivate him to repeat the good behavior. If the problem continues, consult your veterinarian.

Remember, your pets count!

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Our Family is small. Jim’s siblings live in Connecticut and mine in New Jersey. We live here in southern Delaware with our two cats Millie and Atlantis. Our little family enjoys a quieter, more peaceful life than we did in northern New Jersey. It’s so important to point out how our little furry friends complete our little family. We don’t have any children of our own so our pets are our children.

I’m a spiritual person and believe that our furry friends are an important part of the warm spirit that prevails and creates a cozy, positive atmosphere in our home.

Our pets provide unconditional love, affection and comfort and are an important part of any family. With the holidays approaching, there’s nothing better for me than having a cup of coffee, sitting by our tree with the fireplace on and our furry little friends sitting on our laps or around our tree.

Have a wonderful holiday with your beloved pets.

Remember, your pets count!

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Flying and Feeding Your Pet

Sunday, December 8, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

The holidays are here and there will be lots of travel and also lots of traveling with pets. If you’re taking your pet on a plane, there are some things you can do to make feeding and providing water a bit easier. has provided some guidance to make this process a bit easier.

If your dog or cat is small enough to fit under the seat in a carrier, flying with a dog or cat may be a relatively practical option for you. However, call the airline before choosing to fly with your small dog or cat to make sure you are aware of that particular airline’s rules and regulations for pets.  You don’t want to assume you can bring your pet with you into the cabin and find out otherwise when it’s too late.

When flying with a dog or cat, it’s best to refrain from feeding them for 4-6 hours before flying. This will cut down on your pet’s need to go to the bathroom while in the air. And some pets, like people, experience motion sickness, so keeping your pal’s stomach empty just before and during the flight can help prevent nausea and vomiting, as well.

Freeze a small dish or tray of water for your pet before departure. That way, the liquid will be solid and not spillable while you make your way through the airport, security and boarding. It will melt by the time you’re both settled in on the flight and your pet gets thirsty.

Remember, your pets count!

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After years of research, scientists have found that certain compounds in cranberries can prevent  urinary tract infections in humans. The compounds don’t actually kill the bacteria, it would take an antibiotic to do that but the cranberry compounds can act as a preventative. Amy Howell who is an associate research scientist at Rutgers University says that the disease causing bacteria cannot stick to the bladder wall and lose their ability to multiply. The bacteria is then washed out of your system. She says that the same process works in dogs. Not all cranberry products are equal. Ask your veterinarian for cranberry products that have hard hitting bio active properties. So hold off on the pet medication until you try a cranberry product for your dog’s urinary tract.

Remember, your pets count!

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My Talkative Boy

Thursday, December 5, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Our boy Atlantis

One thing a Siamese cat owner knows is that they love to talk …..a lot. My Siamese Himalayan “talks”‘ all the time. He meows when he’s hungry, he’ll meow when he’s bored, he’ll meow when we get home and most of all he’ll meow for attention. He is a very social creature and unlike our other cat loves to be around people. He’ll lie in the middle of the floor or on a chair in a room where there are many people while we’re entertaining. The noise and excitement doesn’t phase him in the least.

We love these qualities in our cat Atlantis. He shows so much love and affection that sometimes we mistake him for a dog! So if you don’t mind a vocal cat, a Siamese is a very smart, loving and dominant addition to your family. They can sometimes get a little jealous so we make sure that we show attention to both of our cats and make sure that one of them doesn’t feel left out.

Siamese cats also love it when you talk back to them. If there was a camera in my house. people would think that I’m a “crazy cat man.” I always answer Atlantis when he’s “talking.”

These are great qualities in our new little friend, we love him to death and are so glad that he’s now a part of our little family!

Remember, your pets count!

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Protecting a Small Dog

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

A small dog is more at risk than a large one, especially at dog parks, dog runs and even at doggie daycare. It’s up to you to keep your little dog protected. There are several steps that you could take to do so. When choosing a dog day care facility, choose a place where dogs are screened for good social skills and lack of aggressive tendencies. If the big dogs and small dogs are kept in separate areas, your dog will be much less at risk. Make sure that you are very vigilant at the dog park. An irresponsible owner can show up anytime with an overly excited or badly behaved dog.

I once had my small dog in the park on his lease and the very irresponsible dog owner let his large dog in the park without a leash. The dog charged toward me and my little dog, knocked me over and had my little dog in it’s mouth. After I got up and charged at him, the he my little dog. Luckily my little dog got away with some cuts, although he was very traumatized. I think of that horrible day from time to time and still can’t believe how people could be so stupid and not use any common sense!  My advice would be to look for a park with a separate area set aside for small days to play safely.

Remember, your pets count!

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