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Tips on Saving Some Money on Cat Food

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

I got up this morning to feed my cats and realized that I have to replace their dry food again. It seems like I just did last week. That’s because I did. I feed my two cats several bowls of dry food each day along with two small cans of wet food. I wind up throwing away so much food each day. The problem is that our cats like the juice in the wet food so when they are done with their first feeding, the rest of it drys out so I wind up opening another can later in the day. I usually put too much dry food in their bowls which they never finish so I give them a fresh bowl each day.

Do you want to save trips to the pet store? Here’s what  I suggest. When feeding your cat wet food, feed small portions several times a day. When feeding dry food, don’t overfill the bowl. Determine how much your cat eats in one day and try to feed that amount each day. I need to play by my own rules an sometimes it’s difficult but it can save you money.

You’ll always throw out some cat food but you may be able to limit the amount you throw away.

Remember, your pets count!

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