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Sibling Rivalry

Thursday, November 14, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Once and awhile there’s a little tiff between my two feline babies. This morning after I fed my cats Millie and Atlantis, I heard a scuffle. Atlantis chased Millie across the room and cornered her. Millie doesn’t like to be cornered. I heard some loud “meows” then immediately I  strongly said “stop.” This broke up the brawl.

It’s common for cats to play or chase each other and sometimes they into a little territorial war.  When my two cats get into a scuffle, I believe it’s an attention getting device. It never seems to happen at night when we’re sleeping. There’s really nothing we can do to prevent this behavior but we can make sure that we give both cats an equal amount of attention. Feed both at the same time and diffuse the negative behavior anytime we see it.

Always make sure that there’s plenty of hiding places for both cats and make sure that you treat both equally. For example, if you give a treat to one cat, give it to the other at the same time. When feeding, feed both cats a the same time and in different places.

Your kids probably don’t always get along so it’s the same for our feline friends.

Remember, your pets count!

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