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When is It Too Cold To Take Your Dog Out For A Walk?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

I woke up this morning and the temperature outside was 20 degrees here in Delaware. It’s over 20 degrees below normal and it’s  very  unusual for this area, this time of year. So is it too cold to take our furry friends outside? point out a few guidelines to follow.

The easiest way to know how to keep dogs warm in the winter is to learn when it’s too cold for dogs to go outside. This means knowing what the temperature outside is with the wind chill factor AND knowing whether other serious conditions are expected.

When it’s 20˚ F outside, it’s too cold for any dog to be walking. Above 20˚ F it may still be too cold to walk if conditions are icy, very windy, or if your dog is very young, old, or has a compromised immune system. If it is safe to go out, make sure to keep walks short and keep your pup wrapped up warm with their feet protected.

2. Invest in a Winter Jacket or Sweater for Your Dog

Not all dogs will benefit from a sweater or jacket, but many dogs can. Hairless breeds should always wear some type of winter dog clothing in cold climates. Short haired and small breeds should also always wear a sweater or jacket to help keep them insulated during winter.

You should also always consider getting a jacket or sweater for your elderly dog, sick dog, young puppy, or immune-compromised dog.

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