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Do You “Humanize” Your Pets?

Monday, September 9, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

The recent addition to our  family is a Siamese/Himalayan mix named Atantis. He is a very smart fellow and a wonderful addition to our little family here in Delaware. Atlantis is extremely chatty and loves to “talk” all the time. Since our other cat, Millie is very shy and not social, we welcome our new friend with open arms. Atlantis loves to sit with us and get involved in whatever we’re doing.  He comes when we call him and understands certain commands. He also eats lots more than Millie and poops lots more than Millie.  Since Millie is a smaller cat, her food requirements are a bit less than that of Atlantis.

We love both of our feline friends and make sure that we give then an equal amount of attention. While Atlantis is always in the same room where we are, Millie is usually tucked away in a back bedroom sleeping. We always make sure that we pay her frequent visits, pet her and make her feel that we also love her just as much.  Some people really don’t pay attention to their pets that closely. The figure  that they are what they are and if they want to hide, so be it. We’re not like that. We always make both of our pets feel comfortable and welcome in our home. Maybe we “humanize” them too much but to us they’re family members and we’re always aware of their little personalities and their needs. So if you want to “humanize” your pet, go right ahead, they’ll love it!

Remember, your pets count!

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