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What’s A Scent Hound?

Sunday, July 14, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

This type of dog hunts by scent rather than sound. They have one of the most sensitive noses of all canines.  These dogs specialize in following a smell or scent. Scent hounds have long drooping ears. One theory is that the ears help to collect scent and keep it near the nose and face. They also have very large nasal cavities which are better to detect a scent.  Scent hounds are not fast but they don’t need to be because they don’t need to keep their prey in sight. They need to have lots of endurance because they have to follow a scent a long distance and through rough terrain.  They can follow a scent trail even across water and even if the scent is several days old.  Scent hounds usually hunt in packs sometimes with multiple dogs in a single pack. Most of these breeds have booming voices and will use them while they are tracking a scent. This trait allows a dog’s handler to follow the dog or pack of dogs during a hunt even if they are out of sight.

Rather then chasing dog toys, these dogs are more comfortable chasing a scent. They are frequently used by the  police to track criminals.

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