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Your Dog is Ready to Deliver Her Litter

Saturday, February 9, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy
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We spoke of knowing when your dog is pregnant. Now you should know what to expect at the time of delivery. Within twenty four hours of giving birth, your dog may become restless and reject food. Walk her often during this time. This will give her a chance to urinate and defecate before the delivery. When her water is broken, you may notice her licking her vulva. Soon contractions will begin and you will know that the puppies are on their way. Usually they’ll appear head first, belly down, covered by a membrane. ¬†Your dog will lick them to remove the sac and the umbilical cord. ¬†Giving birth is no easy task, so after each puppy, your dog will rest. Stay with her and if more than a few hours go by without a puppy appearing, call your veterinarian. After the delivery, let her rest and maybe throw in a dog treat for all of the hard work that she’s done.

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