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Dogs Saving Lives

Sunday, November 18, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

In July CNN did a story about how our best friends can save us in an emergency. The article appears below. Our pets do not only give us unconditional love and affection but they can also be lifesavers!

The following story is by CNN News.

Firefighters rescuing a trapped infant inside a burning house in Baltimore, Maryland, last summer reportedly found an unbelievable sight.

Eight-month-old Viviana was severely burned, but alive. Inexplicably, Polo, the family dog, was found laying on top of the baby, apparently saving her life, according to CNN affiliate WBAL. Sadly, Polo didn’t survive the fire.

Witnesses: Dog saves Atlanta family from road-rage gunfire

Witnesses: Dog saves Atlanta family from road-rage and gun fire.
In Atlanta in 2014, a German shepherd saved the lives of two family members during a road-rage confrontation. Witnesses said an armed driver followed a family to a strip mall and started shooting, prompting the family dog in the car to jump into the line of fire, shielding a child and a woman. The dog later died.
In Connecticut in 2012, a family dog awoke parents in the middle of the night, apparently warning that their infant daughter had stopped breathing, CNN affiliate WFSB reported. They were able to revive her and she ended up being OK.
Remember, your pets count!
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