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A Simple Training Method For Dogs

Friday, November 9, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Training dogs can be simpler than you think. Lets say that you have a dog that darts towards everyone that walks through the door and jumps up and tries to greet them. The dog is showing affection but this can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous to guests who are entering your home. To stop this behavior, get a plastic water bottle, and drop about twenty pennies inside. As soon as your dog runs and tries to jump shake the bottle and say “no” or “stop.”  Repeat this every time he goes to run and jump on someone. After about a week or so, try not shaking the bottle and if you see your dog starting to run toward someone, simply say “no” or “stop.” Eventually, your dog will not do this anymore.

Dogs are very sensitive to sound, that’s why a loud sound is a great way to change your pup’s behavior.

Remember, your pets count!.

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