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Can Feral Cats be Learn to Live Indoors?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

Feral cats are the ones that survive outdoors. They are continually hunting and looking for food. These cats may seem like they need a good home. Cat we ever really tame a feral cat? My cat Mollie came from a family of feral cats that lived in the swamps behind my apartment complex. I found her when she was only 5 weeks old.  She lived her whole life indoors in a comfortable, loving home. If you have other pets, how will this feral cat get along with them?  First, lets talk about the taming part. Animal behavior experts say that some feral cats can adapt to domestic life.  Prepare yourself for some touch and go moments and maybe even some disappointment.  Chances are, you missed that early socialization period.  The first weeks of a kittens life are the ones where they learn to deal with others, including humans. A feral kitten will adapt easier than a full grown cat. On the other hand however, a feral cat may just adapt better with the pets in your home.  It’s life in the wild has taught it the survival value of cooperation. So give it a try. In a few weeks, you may see your new pet playing with his cat toys and enjoying his life indoors!

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