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I have to say kudos to those great people who choose to adopt an older dog and give them a wonderful life in their “winter years.” When we adopt a pet, we quickly establish a bond of unconditional love and expect that this bond will last quite awhile. There are so many wonderful older dogs that would love to be taken in and given a chance for a better life in their later years.

I have a neighbor who adopts older Irish setters. She had two older Irish Setters in which she took care of and gave them that special touch making their waning years happy and pleasant. Unfortunately recently both of these wonderful pets crossed over the rainbow bridge. It is very tough on pet owners when they lose a pet at any age.  Adopting an older pet takes a special kind of person, someone who provides unconditional love yet realizes that their new friend may not be with them very long. We need more people like this.

If you want to adopt an older pet, make sure you have all of the information about the pet including detailed medical history. It is also a good idea if you don’t have very young children. I say this for a couple of reasons, first of all young children can be rough on pets¬† especially older pets with medical conditions. The second reason is that young children require most of your attention taking away quality time that you can spend with your aging pet.

Finally, a thank you to all of the special people out their who adopt older pets and give the love and care they deserve in their final stages of life!

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