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My cat Molly who passed away in February left me with an emptiness that I continue to feel everyday. When I picked her up from under a car on a foggy, rainy October night 19 years ago, a very strong bond between us was established. She knew my every move and emotion. She was also very present meaning that wherever I was, she would be there with me. I miss her sitting with me on my lap every evening while reading or watching TV. I also miss her snuggling next to me when I turned in for the evening. I miss her licks and purrs. Although she was indifferent toward other people and downright did not like our other cat Millie, she was very special to me and that was fine.

Our Millie is also very special to us although she has a different personality than Millie. She is much more independent and likes to be alone. She is not a lap cat and doesn’t like to snuggle or sit with us while we watch TV or relax. She is a lovable little girl who lets us know what she wants. When she wants her snacks, she will sit by her bowl and meow. She also does this when she wants to be pet, brushed or if something that she’s used to is changed. Saturday, I washed the bed sheets. Millie doesn’t like this so she meows telling me that she wants the bed made up immediately. Millie is our sweet lovable cat but her personality is much different than Molly’s. Like people, every cat has it’s own unique personality. We should appreciate the way they show their love even if yours may be a bit independent like our Millie.

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