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Indoor Cat, Fleas?? How Can This Happen?

Saturday, June 16, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

It’s not uncommon for indoor cats to become infested with fleas. How does this happen? Flea pupae or cocoons  are able to do something called “over-wintering.” This means that the can go dormant and survive  in the cracks in your floor or in your carpet for long periods of  time. When the conditions are right, they’ll come out.  They are stimulated by heat and vibration. You can actually carry the fleas into your home. You can pick up fleas where other animals have been such as your yard sidewalk or in the park.  Stray cats that roam through your  yard can carry fleas. Adult fleas like to stick to clothing and travel into your home with you. Other pets brought into your home by family or friends could also be another way for fleas to get into your home.

When treating  a house for fleas, it’s recommended that you wash all the bedding, vacuum all carpets and consider throwing away cat bedding that may be infested. You can treat areas that are infested with a spray available from your vet or you can call a professionallExterminator. Make sure that you follow the Exterminators recommendations about where to keep your cat during the extermination period.

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