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A Peaceful, Happy Christmas

Tuesday, December 26, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

So thankful that Molly is still with us this holiday!

I hope everyone had a very good Christmas Day and our pets received lots of toys and treats. I was especially thankful this year. My 18 1/2 year old cat Molly was still with us this year as we celebrated Christmas. As you know, she is suffering from advanced kidney disease, thyroid disease and intestinal inflammation. After two emergency visits to the 24 hour animal hospital and numerous consultations with her doctors in 2017, she is now stable, taking her medication and eating well although she needs lots of coaxing at times. The reason is not because she’s not hungry but because she know that “daddy” is home and if she refuses her food, he will place a variety of additional food to entice her to eat. Yes she is very spoiled.

Molly and Millie received some cat nip toys and soft comfy blankets. Jim and I were happy not to travel and stay here where we belong. We had a very relaxing day spending time with neighbors and friends. I got a break from cooking because we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner buffet at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach. When we weren’t visiting neighbors and friends or having Christmas dinner, we were relaxing at home. I comfortably sat next to our tree with the fire place on and Molly sitting contently on my lap. That’s just the way I wanted it to be!

Be thankful for your pets, they are little, loving spirits who provide love, peace and comfort to us all the time!

Remember, your pets count!

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