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Pets and Holiday Parties

Sunday, December 17, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

We’re having a holiday Christmas party today, and I need to make sure that my older cat Molly who has kidney and thyroid disease doesn’t get stressed out. She is usually pretty good around strangers but today, there will be more people than she’s used to.  I’ve noticed that she likes to sit by the heat vent in the bathroom off of the master bedroom. I’ve placed a comfortable blanket down next to the vent and she’s been lying on that several times throughout the day. My plan is to make sure she has her food and water back there so that she could go there to get away from the noise. I won’t lock her in the room as this can stress her out more. I’d rather let her decide if she wants to go back there to “chill out.” My younger cat Millie always spends her day in the back bedroom anyway so I’m not really concerned.

Lately Molly likes to eat table food so I have to make sure that she’s not partaking in any of the party food that could make her sick.

If we have a pet, we owe it to them to provide for their safety and security. During the holidays, make sure that your dog or cat is safe.  You may have to make some plans to keep him from being stressed out during a holiday dinner or party. Make sure he doesn’t eat anything that he’s not supposed to and ensure that all of your doors remain closed during the party to prevent him from taking a little stroll around the neighborhood! If your dog must be kept in a separate room or in his crate, don’t hesitate or feel guilty about doing this. You are protecting him. You know your pet and I’m sure that you’ll know what to do!

Have a great holiday party and holiday season!

Remember, your pets count!

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